Poet "the painter of the soul"
˜ Isaac D'Israeli
"I and them. To what extent can they be reached? A poet knows that he is taken by them for somebody different from what he is, and that's how it will be after his death, no sign from the other world arriving to correct the mistake."
~˜ Czeslaw Milosz

We Love Poetry

(we think it's something everyone can enjoy)

Uttered Chaos is pretty simple. We feel that there are a lot of good poets who don't have chapbooks--we aim to change that. We look for poems that are interesting, that have heart, that have something to say. We have eclectic tastes and don't adhere to a particular style or school of writing. We even publish themed anthologies.

Chapbooks, books and anthologies are released throughout the year. We plan to release 4 new titles yearly. Books vary in length and style, for a detailed description click on our publications. We want our selected poets to be happy and ask for their input on cover art, paper, and design. Chapbooks may be purchased by sending us a check or money order. We're working on setting a secure on-line payment option.

Uttered Chaos is funded by Deer Run Associates.