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Call for Submissions


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Call for Submissions-Drought Anthology

Open Reading Period

Four small presses have joined to publish an anthology of poetry with drought as its theme. Drought is not just a lack of water, and we would like to read your idea of what drought means to you.

Theme: Drought

Working Title: The Absence of Something Specified

Submission period is brief, so send soon. 7/1/15--9/30/15

Send up to 3 poems, no restriction on length, simualtaneous submissions allowed, no multiple submissions, and previously published poems allowed if you hold the rights. Send your poems in a continuous Word document, a short bio (up to 59 words), and a cover letter to drought.

The Editors of
Fern Rock Falls, Noah's Shoes, Uttered Chaos, & Tiger's Eye Presses

Call for Submissions

Open Reading Period [Chapbook/Book]: CLOSED

After a brief hiatus we will be opening to submissions in the fall.